Following the July 22 attacks, the Norwegian Government decided to have memorials erected in the Government Administration Complex in Oslo and on the mainland facing the Utøya island in the municipality of Hole. Pending rebuilding in the Government Administration Complex, a temporary memorial will be raised between The Deichman Library and the Y -Block, bordering Grubbegata. The memorials shall be in honor of the dead, the survivors, rescue crews and volunteers.

Monument at Sørbråten postponed by one year
The government wishes to ensure that the process surrounding the construction of monuments marking the 22 July tragedies is transparent, dignified and foreseeable. This means that the opening of the memorial at Sørbråten in Hole municipality will be postponed until 22 July 2016. The original plan was for the memorial to be opened on 22 July 2015. That would have required an application for dispensation from Hole municipality’s ordinary zoning procedure, as work would have had to begin before the municipality had considered its zoning plan. The government does not wish to advance the process in this way. Statsbygg will monitor work on the zoning plan. The choice and location of the artwork at Sørbråten is firmly.

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